Troyasil C18AQ

Troyasil C18- AQ with its unique bonding technology has been especially developed for the use in aqueous mobile phases with an organic content below 10%.

Troyasil C18-AQ gives excellent peak shapes in these mobilephases resulting in enhanced selectivities. The advantages of the AQ-packings can

be demonstrated in applications of polar analytes.


Spherical, high purity (<10 ppm metals)

Pore size:


Particle size:

1.8, 3, 5, and 10 µm (ask for 4 and 7 µm)

Pore volume:

0.8 mL/g

Surface area:

325 m²/g

Phase structure:

Monomeric and fully endcapped

Carbon %:


The C18 AQ-bonding type is fully Endcapped and available in several particle sizes. Compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phase suitable for separations of acidic, neutral and basic organic compounds, as well as pharmaceuticals, peptides, and others.

Product Details Buy
  • ID×Length: 250x4mm
  • Part Number: 10AQ3-250405
  • Particle Size: 5µm
  • ID×Length: 250x4.6mm
  • Part Number: 10AQ3-250503
  • Particle Size: 3µm
  • ID×Length: 250x4.6mm
  • Part Number: 10AQ3-250505
  • Particle Size: 5µm
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