Troyasil C18

Troyasil C18 columns, optimized for high efficiency separations and excellent column to column reproducibility, improves productivity. Troyasil C18 columns are packed with high purity silica and endcapped using gas-phase technology. Gas-phase endcapping leads to improved surface coverage, shielding acidic silanol groups for a highly inert, hydrophobic surface that results improve peak symmetry for basic analytes and provides unique selectivity.



Spherical, high purity (<10 ppm metals)

Pore size:


Particle size:

1.8, 3, 5, and 10 µm (ask for 4 and 7 µm)

Pore volume:

0.8 mL/g

Surface area:

325 m²/g

Phase structure:

Monomeric and fully endcapped

Carbon %:





            Test Mix 

Ultra performance silica with excellent stability, efficiency and column-to-column reproducibility

High surface area offer  high resolution for gradient elution of difficulty separation compounds

Fully endcapped to improve peak shape

Monomeric bonding offers low back pressure and high column efficiency to better resolve chemically similar analytes.

Troyasil C18 packings are ultra-high purity spherical silica which contains less amounts of metal ions offerring ultra performance with excellent stability at pH 1.5-10.0 , excellent efficiency, column-to-column reproducibility, long lifetime and ideal for LC/MS.

Troyasil C18 packings are high surface of 325 m2/g offer greater capacity and higher resolution for gradient elution of difficult separation compounds like basic drugs, organic acids and other polar compounds.

Troyasil C18 reverse phase packings are fully endcapped after bonding to cover unreached silanols and improve peak symmetry for basic analytes. improve

Packings are monomeric bonding resulting in lower column back pressure and high column efficiency to better resolve chemically similar analytes.



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  • ID×Length: 250x4mm
  • Part Number: 10C18-250405
  • Particle Size: 5µm
  • ID×Length: 250x4.6mm
  • Part Number: 10C18-250503
  • Particle Size: 3µm
  • ID×Length: 250x4.6mm
  • Part Number: 10C18-250505
  • Particle Size: 5µm
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