Troyasil C18L

Troyasil C18 packings are ultra-high purity spherical silica which contains less amounts of metal ions offerring ultra performance with excellent stability at pH 2-8 , excellent efficiency, column-to-column reproducibility, long lifetime and ideal for LC/MS.

Can be considered for the determination of water soluble vitamins, steroids, catecholamines, sedatives and in many other application fields in the analytical. 



Spherical, high purity (<10 ppm metals)

Pore size:


Particle size:

1.8, 3, 5, and 10 µm (ask for 4 and 7 µm)

Pore volume:

0.8 mL/g

Surface area:

325 m²/g

Phase structure:

Monomeric and fully endcapped

Carbon %:



Mobile Phase A:   Formic acid 1 % - H2O

Mobile Phase B:  Formic acid 1 % - MeOH

Column:   Troyasil C18 – 150 x 4.6 mm 5 µm


  • . High-purity silica

    · Fully end-capped for reduced peak tailing

    · Excellent peak shape for acids, bases, and neutrals

    · High reproducibility

    · Improved resolution

    · Available in various particle sizes

    · Reproducible manufacturing practices for reproducible column-to-column performance

    · Easy to scale up

    · Eliminates the silanol effect for a good peak shape

Product Details Buy
  • ID×Length: 250x4mm
  • Part Number: 1018L-250405
  • Particle Size: 5µm
  • ID×Length: 250x4.6mm
  • Part Number: 1018L-250503
  • Particle Size: 3µm
  • ID×Length: 250x4.6mm
  • Part Number: 1018L-250505
  • Particle Size: 5µm
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