Troyasil SG NH2

Troyasil NH2 is an aminopropyl modified stationary phase. It can be used in three areas: in normal phase chromatography (NP), in reverse phase chromatography (RP) and in ion chromatography (IC). In the NP, the amino phase offers an alternative to silica gel and shows somewhat different selectivities. In RP chromatography, the phase is mainly used for the separation of carbohydrates



Spherical, high purity (<10 ppm metals)

Pore size: 


Particle size:

1.8, 2, 3, 5 and 10 µm (ask for 4 and 7 µm)

Pore volume:

0.8 mL/g

Surface Area:

325 m²/g

Phase structure:

Monomeric and fully endcapped

Carbon % :


Column Test Mix 

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